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This is supposed to be that generic and awesome sales pitch that you see when you land on any company page. We at SB Ecommerce Group are built different. We do believe that our work speaks for itself. Scroll down on the page and see what you think of us and our work! We do believe that you will like our values, methods and most importantly our e-commerce’s.

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Excellence in ecommerce

SB Ecommerce provides a straightforward distribution solution for brands that want to access new markets. Our service model provides a flexible and cost-efficient alternative to the hassle of setting up ecommerce, customer service, marketing and logistics in a foreign market.

Over the past 7 years we’ve worked with companies around the world, generating new revenue streams by tapping into new markets.

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Rukka Pets + fi / se / de

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What makes us your choise

How we do it?

We Make Market Expansion Easy

From working with multiple companies with diverse strategies, we’ve found that a successful collaboration can be built on the following models.

Good ol’ Distributor
We act as the exclusive distributor for your product / brand in the desired area.
  • Straightforward
  • Local inventory owned by us
  • Fixed markup on our buying price
  • Sales / purchase volume targets for contract period
  • You define brand guidelines for marketing
  • We take care of the rest!
  • Best for when your brand is still unknown (in the area)
Commission based Distributor
Think of us as an individual unit within your company.
  • We take a commission from sales in the area
  • For when you want to profit more from sales growth
  • Sales targets for contract period
  • We handle all operative aspects
  • Best for established brands


Own 5000 sqm logistics center in Lahti, Finland. Logistic partnerships in other countries with DHL in Germany, Nettivarasto in Estonia and Primecargo in Norway. Ready integrations between their and our online platform provide fast deployment for new projects.

In some cases we can also use the clients own warehouse(s).

Want to ship elsewhere? Don’t worry about it, we’ll find the right partner and handle integrations.



Adwords, remarketing, facebook ads, influencers, newsletters. Yes, you know these and probably (hopefully) do them yourself or at least have someone do them for you.

During the eight years we’ve done business, some ad agency calling to sell their marketing app or service has been nearly a weekly occurrence. We’ve listened, tested and learned and ultimately done it ourselves if seen fit, free of all the costs while building our own in-house marketing know-how.

Our marketing tactics vary a bit per project, depending on the client, targets and collaboration type. After initial campaigns the target is always the same though: to maximize ROI.


Online Platform

All our websites are customized to meet the brands needs visually and functionally.

Our platform is built on a open source framework, with ready connections to marketing applications and shipping partners, warehouse integrations and payment gateways and inbuilt B2B & ERP functionalities.

Customer Service

Customer Service

We provide customer service in native language and service hours for all countries. A new country therefore equals at least one new team member.

Customer service is an integral part of marketing and sales and especially important when building brand awareness in new markets. To assure quality and integrity of messaging with customers through various channels, we find it of utmost importance to have all players of the team under one roof.

Customer service for all countries is handled from our office in Lahti, Finland.



Even though our company was built on ecommerce success, B2B has grown to be an important part of our business.

If the target is to maximize market coverage and the product suitable for the trade-off between retail and wholesale, building a retail network with our sales agents is given high priority.